TEM Services to Help Your Enterprise Better Manage Telecom and IT

More than 50 percent of large enterprises don’t have an accurate accounting of how much they are spending on IT and telecom-related services across the company. Telecom and IT are confusing environments and equipment and service contracts are constantly changing. Take control of your telecom expenses and optimize your processes, so that you can cut out wasteful spending.

Our Services are Adaptable to Meet a Broad Range of Customer Needs

Not every enterprise has the same needs and each one has its unique challenges. That is why we offer different hosted service solutions when it comes to telecom expense management (TEM) services. We understand the importance of being flexible and not trying to fit customers into a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, we make our services adaptable to meet your enterprise’s specific needs.


Overview of Our TEM Service Offerings


Unmanaged Services.

We do the uploading of all your carrier invoices into the system, after implementation and training, your staff drives the Softeligent application.

Managed Services—We Do It All for You.

We manage all carrier work orders. We manage all internal requests for services. We handle the invoice processing, including:

  • Verifying charges
  • Reconciling with work orders
  • Reconciling with inventory
  • Handling invoice approval and payment authorization processes
  • Managing cost allocation

TEM Managed Services

Through our years of experience in telecom consulting, we developed a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, known as Softeligent, which supports lifecycle management of all IT and telecom assets and services. For enterprises looking for assistance in implementing and managing our application, we provide training and technical support, as well as assist in importing data. For example, through our TEM managed services, we will import EDI, CD and other electronic billing records to the database, allowing your team to focus on the administrative tasks.

Telecom Consulting

Our TEM consultants are equipped with years of experience helping enterprises make strategic decisions and implement best practices. Our consulting services include:

Telecom carrier contract negotiations
Engineering services to optimize and correctly size your enterprise networks

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