IT Billing Dispute Management for Your Assets & Services

Invoices are prone to errors and may be subject to dispute. However, billing dispute management is no simple task. It often entails multiple correspondences both outside of your enterprise and also internally.

Contracts must align with assets and subsequent invoices. For instance, the original purchase price of an asset needs to link to a contract to monitor the burn rate. Plus, there is ongoing maintenance to calculate. If you don’t have an automated process for managing costs, you are likely wasting more money than you realize.

A More Effective Way to Handle Your IT Billing Disputes

Who wants to sort through pages and pages of invoices, when there is a software solution that can do it for you? Softeligent is a web-hosted software solution that automatically reconciles and flags discrepancies found in invoices related to information technology (IT), such as maintenance and licenses. You can then go in into the database and manage by exception.

Softeligent is able to:

Automatically validate and review every invoice for alert conditions
Organize and store data
Track disputes directly
Streamline work flows
Detect unused services

If interactions with suppliers occurred offline, such as a phone call, the information can be manually entered into the dispute record. Any credits received as a result of the billing dispute can be automatically or manually configured.

Softeligent will also make sure that each invoice is unique and doesn’t overlap with another invoice in the same period. If invoice totals differ from historical amounts and/or what has been configured in the system, Softeligent will alert you.

Complete Solution for IT Asset Management

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides full lifecycle IT asset management, including:

All of these modules work together to give you a complete solution for effectively managing your IT assets. Softeligent is even customizable, so that it can be configured to meet your enterprise’s specifications and easily integrate into your current systems.

For information on Softeligent and how we can help your enterprise, fill out our contact form today. We will provide you with a free analysis and quote.