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Through our services and solutions, we have been able to help enterprises save money on telecom and IT, while improving processes and managing expenses and assets. Below is a sample of some of the many clients that have achieved great results.


County Government

One of the top five County’s in the US is a great case example study because of their size, complexity, and the depth of Softeligent’s services delivered to manage IT financials, telecom and IT service operations. This County with over 20,000 public safety and municipality employees has over 600 office locations, which results in a very large and complex IT environment. The IT department processes, on average, over 6,000 IT/Telecom service work-orders per year.

The County was struggling with some critical aspects of IT/Telecom finance and operations management.

The County’s IT department was struggling with cost allocation and charge-back for the IT and telecommunications assets and services provided to all county departments, over $1.9M in monthly allocated charges. At the time, the County was operating on a legacy system that was both unreliable
and no longer supported. Before engaging Softeligent, the County accumulated stacks and stacks of paper, piled up every month. The physical paper was then collated before being intra-office mailed to
each department.  It was a mess and enormously inefficient.  Furthermore, the County consistently fell further behind each month, having not only a recent month’s enormous mountain of paper, but three to four prior months lining the hallways. To add to this issue, the statements were often incorrect, containing inventory and billing errors.

SOLUTION: Softeligent re-engineered the County’s internal cost allocation and charge-back workflow, taking it from late, overwhelming and error-prone to on-demand, accurate, and available.

  • IT Service Request Management/Work Orders for Departments: Softeligent converted an antiquated, fax-based service request “blackhole” into a user-friendly platform for inter-department interaction and transparency.
  • Day Work Authorizations: Softeligent integrated the County’s 3rd-party cabling contractors into the central work-order system, creating a paperless process that keeps work flowing and contractors paid on-time.
  • Accounting System Integration: Instead of hand-transferring hundreds of lines of financial transactions into its accounting system each month, the County now “clicks” a button and Softeligent seamlessly transfers pre-validated transactions electronically.
  • Legacy Integration: The County relies on various specialized third-party systems to supply the diverse services it provides to its constituents; Softeligent seamlessly imports the report format each of these systems exports and makes them available in report formatting familiar to human users and conducive to automated processes.

In addition to improving business processes and services overall, Softeligent generated over $800,000 in savings during the first year of service implementation by reconciling technology assets, wireline and wireless services to service provider’s invoices, service plans and associated contracts. Once the inventory baseline of services and assets was reviewed and validated, it enabled the kick start of automated controls and processes providing visibility to proactively and efficiently manage all life cycles of services and assets.

Competitive Bid: In 2007 through a competitive bid solicitation, the County selected SOFTELIGENT’s SaaS technology. In 2012, the County issued another solicitation to expand services
to include more capabilities to manage the life cycle of all telecom and IT assets. In both solicitations Softeligent competed with the industry’s largest providers and won on both occasions based on best overall capabilities, ease of use and cost.

The County by-the-numbers:

  • 286 active users in telecom administration roles across 116 departments
  • 31,669 lines across 135 accounts with 17 vendors
  • 11,257 Wireless Devices
  • 8,955 IT Hardware Assets, plus 1,206 sub-modules
  • 1,360 racks and backboards across 351 telecom rooms
  • Over $800K in vendor invoices monthly
  • 30,389 work orders processed
  • Over $1.9M in charges allocated monthly
  • 74 department statements generated each month
  • Total Savings Detected:
    • Applied Credits = $492,397.50
    • Additional In-process Credits = $46,150.50
    • Expected Annual Recurring Savings = $548,722.08
    • 5.7% of annual spend
    • Cumulative Savings by 2022 = $4.28M

Currently the County uses Softeligent for:

  1. Life Cycle IT (Information Technology) Asset Management
    • Cradle-to-Grave Equipment Asset Management Tracking Integrated with Enterprise Finance Systems
    • IT/Telecom Enterprise Networks/ Geographic Facilities Inventory Management Validation Survey – Enabled by Softeligent’s Tablet Technologies for Efficient Field Data Gathering
  2. IT Financials – IT Equipment/Services General Ledger Cost Allocation
    • Flexible and Granular Allocation Rules
    • Accounting System Payment and Journal Voucher Integration
  3. IT Equipment & Services Department Charge-Back Automated Processes
    • Audit trail of all interactions
    • E-mail notification integration
    • On line Department Statements
  4. Helpdesk, Service Orders & Provisioning Management
    • Vendor work orders, services & cost management
    • Internal users IT/Telecom Service Delivery Management and Support
  5. TEM- Wireless & Wireline Telecom Expense Management
    • Electronic Invoice processing
    • Line and device Inventory Management
    • Billing Discrepancy Management
    • Automated Telecom Invoice Validation and Payment Authorization Processing
    • Carrier Services Contract/Plans and Inventory Optimization Management

United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service used Softeligent software technology to manage the rollout of the National Contact Centers 1-800-ASK-USPS, which included routing the voice and call traffic on the local phone lines for over 40,000 postal stations into the National/Regional Contact Centers. This rollout was done in a short period of time, which would not have been possible without an inventory management system tied to a work order management module.

BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich’s telecommunication costs needed to be evaluated and an inventory system needed to be developed. While working with BF Goodrich, we identified a necessity for companywide system planning, as well as a cost-optimization program. After putting together a strategic plan, we were able to move forward with system mapping and the reengineering of connections. Our team identified all of the system expenses, which led to an overall reduction in costs. After the improvements were put in place, BF Goodrich had complete office interconnectivity and more efficient telecommunications. In addition, BF Goodrich was able to reduce costs by over $100,000 per year in just one office alone.

Bar-S Foods

Bar-S Foods approached us after having experienced an increase in telecom expenses, which was partially due to the company’s rapid growth involving 17 offices in the corporate network. To assist Bar-S Foods, we utilized compression technology and merged voice and data functions into one network, resulting in increased network throughput. We also recommended the implementation of four-digit dialing, eliminating long distance charges for interoffice phone calls. Plus, leases and other contracts were renegotiated at lower rates. We were able to create a more efficient voice and data network for Bar-S Foods, with equipment purchases being completely funded by savings. The results were astounding. The return on investment (ROI) on capital equipment was only 5 months and network costs were reduced by $300,000 annually.

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