What Information Technology Assets Are In Your Network?

Do you know what IT assets your enterprise has accumulated over the years? Does your organization have a process for receiving and on-boarding IT hardware assets? Most organizations don’t know what equipment is sitting dormant in closets and therefore can’t give an accurate accounting of information technology (IT) assets. They also don’t know what licenses have been purchased and are active.


If You Don’t Know What IT Assets and Licenses You Own, You Can’t Manage Them

IT physical inventory management is a pain point for many enterprises. You can’t effectively manage and monitor IT assets and licenses, if you don’t know what your organization owns. Softeligent is a solution to this problem. Our intuitive software can help you with:


Asset tagging


Managing assets and licenses

Softeligent is a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is ideal for the lifecycle management of all IT assets. Through our comprehensive enterprise technology solution, you can tag assets and track all equipment on the enterprise network, creating more visibility and control. Plus, knowing what inventory you own can result in long-term cost savings and better asset management.

Ideal Enterprise Software for IT Inventory Management

By utilizing the Softeligent software solution, you can update IT inventory data in real time, as well as manage licenses, you can set up real-time tracking of all devices by location, department, users and associated finance streams.

Inventory management is one of the many available modules in Softeligent. Our IT asset management solution is designed to assist with all stages of information technology—from physical inventory to cost center allocation to work orders and more. Softeligent is audit compliant, making it an ideal enterprise software solution for the government and private sectors.

Softeligent is Simple to Implement and Use

A common concern for enterprises is the time and resources it will take to implement a new inventory management solution. Fortunately, Softeligent is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, making the transition a smooth one. We will not only help your enterprise get set up on Softeligent, but will also provide training and technical support. For enterprises wanting additional services, our consultants can assist in the implementation and management of our application.

Find out more about our IT asset management solution today. We will provide you with a complimentary analysis and explain how we can help your enterprise better manage IT assets.