Imagine Improving the Cost Center Allocation of IT Assets & Services

Enterprises often face the challenge to allocate information technology (IT) services, whether fixed or variable costs. Many demands are made of the IT department and it is critical to be able to determine the costs of deploying technicians and purchasing IT assets, such as equipment and licenses.

Softeligent provides a comprehensive IT cost center allocation solution, as part of the lifecycle management of information technology. Our comprehensive solution will help you:

Chargeback for IT assets and services to other internal departments
Determine costs to allocate internally using our work order module
Configure, perform and uniformly report cost center allocation consistently across all IT services

Manage Your IT Services Portfolio More Efficiently

With Softeligent’s streamlined processing, you can do away with spreadsheets and all of the aggravation associated with manually allocating IT costs to the numerous departments within your organization. Softeligent also has a predefined price structure for IT services and a built-in IT ticket system that can be utilized in help desk management.

Softeligent is the IT asset management solution that organizations are turning to for better management of IT assets and services. The reason? Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is customizable, simple to learn and operate and encompasses a wide range of modules to help you with every step of managing your IT portfolio. In addition to the cost center allocation of your IT assets and services, our software solution can also help you with:

With Softeligent there are virtually no boundaries, meaning we can custom tailor our solution to meet your enterprise’s needs. Our hosted-software solution was designed by consultants who have spent decades working with enterprises. We know what is needed in a software solution to take control and better manage information technology.

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