Faster Invoice Processing for IT Assets & Services

Within a large enterprise, it doesn’t take long for the paper invoices to accumulate and turn into a massive pile. Managing those invoices and catching incorrect charges is a tedious process for many information technology (IT) departments. Softeligent can help you improve your invoice processing by automatically uploading new invoices, making it easy to review, categorize and pay. However, that is only a glimpse of what Softeligent can do.

Avoid Common Problems Associated with Processing IT Invoices

There are many problems that arise with processing invoices. For example, manual entry requires a lot of time and resources and is prone to errors, including overpayments. Verifying charges on invoices can also be problematic, as it is often too easy to pay the invoice if it looks similar to the previous month, without ensuring it is correct.

Through Softeligent, you can better manage maintenance costs and licenses, as well as other supplier invoices within your IT department. Our comprehensive software provides:

Identification of alert conditions that may require correction before payment
Payment tracking
Payment history by account or accounting code
Alerts on past due payments

Softeligent automatically classifies recurring and non-recurring charges, so you don’t have to. If manual additions or adjustments are needed, Softeligent also allows for this input. On a nightly basis, Softeligent audits accounts to ensure that no invoices are missed or subject to late payments. If anything is identified during these audits, Softeligent will send you notifications.

The invoice processing module is also able to:

Grab data from each invoice summary to calculate payments
Allow payment adjustments, such as short pay or total due
No enterprise is exactly like another; therefore, we customize our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to meet every organizations’ needs. Softeligent is flexible and can be quickly configured.

Manage Your Invoices and More

Invoice processing is one of the many IT asset management modules available in Softeligent. Our SaaS solution offers full lifecycle management of all of your IT assets and services, including inventory, contracts, work orders, cost center allocations and billing disputes.

To learn more about our invoice processing capability, fill out our contact form today. We will provide you with a free analysis and quote.