Wireless Expense Management That Solves Your Inventory & Cost Problems

What if there was a way to not only manage your wireless users, device inventory, adds moves and changes, but also to better manage service plans, and overall costs? There is a solution and it’s called Softeligent. The larger your company, the harder it is to control your wireless services and devices, including smartphones and tablets. Softeligent provides a wireless expense management (WEM) solution that will track your inventory, service changes, while at the same time help you optimize services to lower the costs associated with these devices and service contracts.

Save Time, Save Resources and Save Frustration with Our WEM Solution

Let Softeligent do the heavy lifting by streamlining the following time-consuming and mundane tasks:


Processing large quantities of paper invoices.

Do away with manual entry, which is labor intensive and prone to costly errors and overpayments. Softeligent will collect digital invoices directly from your wireless carriers every month and organize them into the system for easy evaluation and management.

Authorizing invoice payments.

Authorizing invoice payments. Most enterprises become stuck in the back-and-forth email cycle when verifying charges with employees. Softeligent simplifies this process.

Verifying charges for wireless invoices.

Our system can verify and identify billing discrepancies for you, so you can manage by exception.

Accounting of wireless inventories.

Services are added and deleted on a daily basis, making it extremely difficult to know what has been ordered and what has been disconnected. Stop using spreadsheets and start using Softeligent to account for service contracts and mobile devices.

Get a quote and analysis to see how we can help. Our mobile expense management solution can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs.

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We Efficiently Manage Your Mobile Expenses

Softeligent has been winning bids and taking business from some of the largest telecom expense management providers in the industry. The reasons are simple.


Better technology.

Our software was developed by experienced wireless telecom consultants who understand the challenges faced by enterprises.

Fast and easy system configurations and customization.

We are able to quickly make changes and customizations to our software, so that it aligns with your requirements.

Intuitive interface.

We don’t want your organization to spend countless hours learning a new system. Softeligent includes an easy-to-use system with an intuitive interface that is customized to the specific user’s roles and business processes.

Lower cost.

Softeligent provides so much more than the competing wireless expense management providers, but at a fraction of the price.

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