There is a Better Way to Reduce Telecommunications Billing Costs

Telecommunications billing is a huge area for businesses to control and manage. Unfortunately, most companies use inefficient telecommunications expense management processes. They are buried in paper invoices and struggle to process invoices, track inventory and reconcile charges.

Enterprises have had a hard time determining the exact amount they are spending on telecom services and the inventory they possess. As a result, there has been a growing need for total telecom cost management (TTCM), including telecommunications audits and software solutions.

An Intuitive Software Solution That Takes the Place of Telecommunications Audits

Telecom Resources International, Inc. (TRI), the parent company of Softeligent, has been providing telecom audits since 1987 and has helped hundreds of businesses in various U.S sectors, as well as the government. It was through this experience that TRI developed an even better TTCM solution for enterprises. Softeligent leverages our proven telecommunications services auditing, optimization methods, and proprietary technology.

Our telecom consultants used their hands-on experience with telecom expense management (TEM) to develop Softeligent, an innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is disrupting the market by winning bids against the large TEM firms. If you ask our customers why they chose Softeligent, they will explain that it is due to our easy-to-use technology and extensive features and functions, not to mention our prices that are 30% to 50% below our competitors.

Instead of pursuing just a standalone telecommunications audit focusing on previous billings errors, leverage the audit as the clean slate for a proactive management process in realtime, contact us today at 480.588.9292 for a complimentary analysis and demo of Softeligent. We will show you your potential savings by using our unique TEM technology.

Total Telecom Cost Management at Your Fingertips

Softeligent is a flexible TTCM solution that can seamlessly integrate with your other systems to deliver best in class services. Unlike other software providers in our industry, we are able to quickly make changes to tailor our solution to not only meet your needs, but to also match your desired look and feel in a software platform.

Did you know that the average Fortune 500 company spends nearly $116 million every year on telecom services while the average mid-market company spends $26 million annually? It is estimated that about 7% to 12% of telecom service expenses are in error, which adds up to approximately $8 million a year in lost profits. These numbers are frightening, but can be managed with the use of Softeligent. Our intuitive software solution automates processes to reduce the amount of billing errors and save time and money. Through Softeligent, you can:


Manage acquisition and import of all electronic TSP data.


Establish a baseline for telecom service inventory.


Manage carrier (TSP) orders, interactions, and disputes.


Validate invoice processing and payment processes.


Manage internal department request for services.


Create internal cost-allocations for telecom services and other assets.

Softeligent will integrate with your finance/accounting systems, supplying vouchers for carrier payment instructions as well as general ledger instructions for department cost-allocation. The interface is comprehensive and easy to understand, plus the dashboards are customizable.

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