Telecom Invoice Processing Just Got Easier

When you have a large enterprise, telecom invoice processing is a huge task, especially if your company is spending over $50,000 on these expenses. If you are inundated with complex paper invoices, our telecom expense management (TEM) software is for you.

Instead of sorting through invoices for telephone lines, Internet, data lines, and wireless services, you can utilize the powerful Softeligent software solution. All your invoices are electronically loaded into Softeligent as soon as they are available from the carriers. Loaded invoices are ready to be processed for payment. No paper required, unless you need to keep it for policy compliance. Electronic billing from the carriers is very comprehensive and it is displayed in the Softeligent as desired in a number of summary and detailed reports.

We Understand Challenges in TEM

Our experienced telecom consultants developed our hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, because we understand the difficulties enterprises face. Some of these challenges include:


Processing a large quantity of paper telecom invoices in accounts payable.

Manual entry is labor intensive and prone to costly errors and overpayments.


Verifying charges for invoices.

With so many rate plans, it takes a significant manual effort to verify that every charge is in line with your contract rates and service plans. Many enterprises start to use a “stare and compare process,” meaning if it looks about the same as last month, it’s good to pay.

Not only does Softeligent automatically incorporate invoice data, our software can also verify and identify all of the billing discrepancies for you, so you can manage by exception.

Your TEM Solution for Processing Invoices

Softeligent’s invoice processing module categorizes charges and distinguishes between those that are recurring and non-recurring. Because vendors sometimes provide data in different ways, you have the ability through Softeligent to manually add and adjust categorization of charges. Accounts are audited every evening for late or missed invoices, and if any are identified, our software will send alerts to the appropriate users.

We recognize that each enterprise is unique and we therefore configure payment mechanisms to meet our clients’ particular rules and business processes. We pull data from the invoice summary, such as current-charges, adjustments, lesser of current-charges, total-due and so on, and use it to calculate payments. Our TEM solution can also be further configured to allow payments to be adjusted to short-pay, or pay total-due, and to record the rationale for the adjustment for future reference.

Softeligent is intuitive and easy to learn and use. Some of the additional capabilities of the invoice-processing module are:


Identifies any alert conditions that should or could be corrected before payment.


Tracks all payments in association with their invoices.


Reports payment history by account or by accounting code.


Sends alerts on overdue payments.

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