Cost Center Allocation for Telecom Services & Expenses

How should telecom costs be allocated to the various departments within your enterprise? How should chargebacks be processed to the internal cost centers? These questions are common with telecommunications expenses and are something that our telecom expense management (TEM) software solution is designed to answer.

If you are the one managing these invoices or you supervise the team that does, you understand the time it takes to get costs assigned to the appropriate centers within your organization. Softeligent will simplify this process for you, allowing you to focus on other business tasks and initiatives.

Softeligent is Changing the Way Enterprises Manage Telecom

Softeligent is a comprehensive TEM solution that provides full lifecycle management of IT and telecom, which fully integrates into your other business processes. Many of the other TEM providers have not been able to meet enterprises’ requirements in terms of cost center allocation, due to their software’s rigid structure. Softeligent has no boundaries and can meet this challenge better than the competing solutions on the market.

As part of Softeligent’s solution, cost allocation is configured, performed, and reported uniformly and consistently across all services. Also, since Softeligent is designed to be a full lifecycle management solution for telecom, our intuitive web-based software is able to:


Process chargebacks to department cost centers.


Import all telecom service provide data, eliminating the need for manual entry.


Keep inventory of telecom assets and services.


Manage carrier interactions, work orders and disputes.


Process and validate invoices.


Manage contracts.

Improving Your Business Processes Through a Better TEM Solution

Softeligent is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that was envisoned and developed by our experienced team of developers and telecom consultants. After more than 25 years of extensive hands-on experience, we designed Softeligent as a total telecom cost management (TTCM) solution. We implemented our best practices in the architecture and development of the software, making it a powerful solution for enterprises.

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