Telecom Contract Management Through Softeligent

Enterprises struggling to manage telecom services and assets know firsthand the challenges of creating a seamless process that saves aggravation, time and of course, money. Softeligent is a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that will help your company with lifecycle management of all IT and telecom, including contract management. No more searching through paper contracts and files to understand your telecom services.

Softeligent is highly intuitive software created by seasoned consultants who know what it takes for effective telecom expense management (TEM). Since contracts are such a major part of the lifecycle, we developed a comprehensive module specifically designed for managing contracts.


Highlights of Our TEM Solution


Store and Reference Telecommunications Contracts

Using Softeligent’s contract management module, you can easily access existing contracts and the associated documents. In fact, each contract has an unlimited number of attachments and you can even upload scanned or PDF contracts and addendums. Then, input data about each document, making future reference of those documents that much easier.


Monitor Contract Expiration and Cancellation Terms

It can be difficult keeping track of expiring contracts, but now Softeligent can do that task for you. Each month, Softeligent will automatically check for expiring contracts and will send notifications to the configured users. If there are fees for early-cancellation, we will alert you.


Waived Charges

If there are any disallowed charge types, Softeligent will identify them and make a list that is available in the invoice module’s invoice validation process.


Track Credits and Adjustments

The contract management module tracks contract-specific credits and adjustments, based on rebates, refunds, incentives and so on. Softeligent ensures that credits are received and that penalty charges do not exceed those specified in the contract terms.


Monitor Revenue and Service Quantity Commitments

Through our module, you can audit all associated invoices to determine if spend and usage are on target to meet the annual commitment stated in the contract. Our software solution allows you to drilldown into the contract to gather details and breakdown information for each account.


Ad Hoc Audits

In addition to reporting auto-detected discrepancy alerts, Softeligent allows you to manually insert these alerts and to re-run automated audit functions, which can be used as a base for further investigation and/or directly converted into discrepancy reports.


Validate Contract Invoices

Invoices are automatically validated against new contracts, including monthly recurring costs (service plan charges), toll rates, and other terms as they arise. You will be alerted if any potential discrepancies are detected. If the discrepancy is legitimate, with one click you can submit a discrepancy report to the carrier.


SLA Monitoring

The contract model gives you the ability to compare both directly measurable parameters and manually entered measurements of contracted SLAs.

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