Billing Dispute Management for Telecom & IT Services

The larger the enterprise, the harder it is to properly verify the accuracy of charges and manage telecom services and assets. Have you looked at your personal cell phone invoice lately? Yes it is complex. Imagine invoices for thousands of wireless devices and or wireline circuits. Even if you could consolidate all services into a minimum amount of invoices, how do you effectively verify that charges are accurate for thousands of services? And how do you know what services were added and canceled since the last billing cycle? The system that many organizations have in place involves mounds of paper invoices, stare and compare methods of validating costs with lengthy spreadsheets and emails to manage service deletions and changes, all of which are time consuming, tedious and not very effective.

Softeligent was designed to address the problems associated with the lifecycle of telecom expense management (TEM) by using a database that does the reconciliation automatically and flags discrepancies so you can manage by exception. Easily track the disputes directly with the carriers so that expected credits are going to be linked to next billing cycle.

Streamlining work flows, organizing and storing data, improving invoice processing and cost validation is what Softeligent is all about.

What if you do not have the staff and core expertise? We also offer TEM managed solutions, so you can focus on your core business. We can augment your staff or do it all for you.

Softeligent is a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution developed by telecom consultants to provide full lifecycle integrated TEMs business processes. Not only are enterprises choosing Softeligent as their TEM solution because of the intuitive design and functionality, but also because it costs 30% to 50% less than other providers.


Streamline Disputes Using Softeligent

One of the big areas of frustration for those managing telecom is disputing charges. Generally, this process involves reviewing all of the charges on paper invoices and emailing individuals within the organization to verify or dispute amounts. Then, the carrier is contacted to initiate the dispute. This method is not very effective. Softeligent makes it simpler to handle billing dispute management by incorporating it into our system. The Softeligent TEM solution automatically validates and reviews each invoice for alert conditions, takes into account contract rates and terms and is able to address the following questions for you:


Is the invoice unique for the account and date?


Is the invoice number a duplicate?


Does the invoice period overlap with another invoice for the same account?


Does the invoice add up to its own stated totals?


Have lines of service been added or removed?


Do the totals at each service level deviate excessively from historical and/or configured expectations?

Plus, Softeligent can be configured for other criteria, such as:


Presence of international calls


Usage charges where none are expected, which might indicate a need for plan optimization or subscriber guidance


Unused services, i.e. mobile phone with no calls, texts, or data usage over a designated window

Disputes can be initiated electronically through Softeligent, which further saves you time and aggravation. The dispute record within Softeligent tracks all actions that have been taken electronically and allows you to manually enter interactions with the carrier that occurred offline, such as phone calls. Any credits that result from the disputes are linked to the dispute record, with the record remaining open and active until credits are received. Credits received from billing disputes can be automatically or manually configured for credit to appropriate agencies using Softeligent.

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