Are Your Enterprise’s Systems Communicating With One Another?

One of the biggest focuses of CIOs today is improved business intelligence. In fact, according to the 2015 Gartner CIO Agenda Report, out of the 2,810 CIOs across 84 countries included in the study, 50 percent rated business intelligence as the number one investment priority. This number has grown significantly from the previous year, even though reported IT budgets have not.

CIOs need to be able to access and analyze data in order to make better decisions and optimize performance. Large enterprises have numerous systems in place—from accounting software to inventory management to CRM—and very often these systems do not communicate with one another. The result? Inefficient processes, disjointed infrastructure and lack of access to important information. When business intelligence is unavailable, it can lead to uninformed decisions, costing enterprises thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Softeligent is the “Glue” Within an Enterprise

Softeligent is our web-hosted software-as-a-solution (SaaS) that was designed as a telecom expense management and IT asset management platform. However, because our software is incredibly flexible and intuitive, enterprises have now been able to utilize it as a connector between multiple systems within an enterprise. Softeligent provides data management, discovery and reporting. Our SaaS solution can pull data from all of your enterprise’s systems, so that you can understand what the data means. For example, enterprises are able to use Softeligent to link IT assets to their internal financial systems.

Greater Business Intelligence Means Higher Profits

You can utilize the power of Softeligent for access and analysis of your enterprise’s information, which will lead to informed decisions. Softeligent will easily integrate into other systems and act as the communication bridge to ultimately enhance efficiencies across your organization.

We are able to customize Softeligent to match your specific business intelligence needs within your enterprise. The options with our solution are endless and will help you visualize and analyze complex data, allowing you to manage data sets from numerous sources.

Find out how you can improve business intelligence using our Softeligent solution. Fill out our online contact form today for a custom quote.